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Home Away From Home (copyright 2004) Play
Description: A drinking song, country style.  
Nothin' More, Nothin' Less (copyright 2004) Play
Description:  A R&B, up tempo, gospel tinged, empowering, and free spirited song in the vein of 60's Motown sound.   
On My Mind (copyright 2004) Play
Description:  A Harry Connick Jr. style traditional blues song.  
Pale Blue Still Life (copyright 2005) Play
Description:  Medium slow song about surviving a breakup.  
Song For Me (copyright 2004) Play
Description:  A strong melodic commercial medium-slow ballad inspiring someone who is coming back from a loss of some sort.  
Thank You (copyright 2005) Play
Description:  A medium-slow ballad expressing heartfelt thanks to one who has always supported him or her in his personal endeavors.  
That Angel Is You (copyright 2005) Play
Description:  An inspirational pop/smooth jazz, medium tempo, ballad featuring saxophone about getting back on life's track thanks to someone who entered the picture with love and understanding.  
This Is It (copyright 2006) Play
Description: Living in the past, or the future, and not experiencing life on a daily moment to moment basis, can cloud life itself.  Enjoy the moment!  
With Love, My Faithful Friend (copyright 2006) Play
Description: You see your pet nearing the end of its life and your heart is heavy with the feelings of pain and loss.  
You (copyright 2005) Play
Description:  A simple, yet beautiful love song in 3/4 time.  Disney-esque  

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These songs are complete songs intended for artists, publishers and producers to evaluate for upcoming projects.  All songs are copyrighted.  Unauthorized use or reproduction of these songs is prohibited!

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