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New Mexico State Senate - Live Performance!

Carolís original, Christmas New Mexico, is performed on the floor of the New Mexico State Senate Chamber.

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It may not be Nevada, and it may not be made of gold, but Carol is honored to have her name inscribed in a brick in Las Vegas, New Mexico, along with 554 other musicians that have given their time and talents to the Las Vegas Musicians Reunited community.


Spanish Radio News Flash!

The Spanish translation of Carol's Christmas New Mexico, was  written by Albuquerque musician/vocalist icon Freedie Chavez.  Carol was honored to have Freddie share his vocal talents and sing this cut, Navidad Nuevo Mexico, which will debut and air on Spanish radio stations during the upcoming 2016 Christmas season.



New Mexico Debut!

Carol was primary pianist in the musical production of "Curtains" May 15 - June 7, 2015 at the Adobe Theatre. Corrales, NM.

Carol was primary pianist in the musical production, "My Favorite Year"  February 21 - March 16, 2014, which ran at the Adobe Theatre, Corrales, NM.

Carol played keyboards in the Musical Theatre Southwest's production of "Miss Saigon"  March 9th - 25th, 2012 at the African American Performing Arts Center in Albuquerque, NM.

Carol was the primary pianist in the musical production of "The Hatpin" at the Adobe Theater in Corrales, New Mexico during April and May of 2011.  For more information, about the theater visit


International News Flash!

Norwegian country singer, Torbjorn Humstad, released his new CD entitled, Those Moments, during 2011.  The album's title cut, Those Moments, was created by co-writers Carol Mayberry-Sanchez and George Scholz. 


Dinner Playhouse Debut

In December 2009, Carol made her debut as pianist/conductor at the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse in Johnstown, Colorado.  She was honored to fill in for music coordinator, Troy Schuh, for twelve performances of Scrooge, the Musical.  The seven piece orchestra was given special mention in the Greeley Tribune newspaper for their December 5th evening show! 
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There she also played in the orchestra for the production of Clue! the Musical (early 2010), and concluded with the classic My Fair Lady (March 2010) prior to moving to New Mexico.  She will miss the Candlelight !!!


Musical Director Debut

Carol began her "musical directorship" career late in 2008 at the Nonesuch Theater in Fort Collins, Colorado.  She directed the music for two productions, Plaid Tidings (Nov 2008 till Christmas) and Honky Tonk Laundry (March 2009).


Song Cut by Traditional Country Artist

Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty (a parody), the creation of co-writers, Carol Mayberry-Sanchez and George Scholz, was recorded  by Nashville's Tracey K. Houston on her 2008 released CD "Just the Way I Am".

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Carol's "Not Quite Close to Broadway" Debut

After Carol's close encounter with Off Broadway (see below), she began co-writing another musical entitled Flora with Whitney Ryan Garrity.  The book and lyrics are written by Whitney, and the music written by Carol.  They are currently trying to get it "work shopped" in order for it to come to life on stage - sometime before the end of this century!  If you're interested in producing and/or financing an entire musical, and making millions of dollars,  just click "Contact Me" on the left navigation bar! ==========================================

Carol's "Almost" Off Broadway Debut

After a 2007 summer-long siege of work, worry and wondering what's going on, Carol was overjoyed to announce that two songs she had written "almost made" their Off Broadway debut at the 2,800 seat Beacon Theatre, New York City in the showcase performance of "Gals Too Big for Broadway" written and produced by CC Cowan/Cowan & Cowan Productions.  In addition, she co-wrote the main theme song with Cowan.  However, the 2008 opening date was cancelled at the eleventh hour.
Bummer!!!!                   Bummer!!!!                      Bummer!!!!
The cast was to include Martha Wash (best known for her timeless hit, "It's Raining Men"), Judy Peterson (gospel vocalist/actress in Tyler Perry's "Madea's Class Reunion"), and Sarah Dash (of "Patti LaBelle & the Bluebells" and "LaBelle" fame with endless hits like "Lady Marmalade"), who promised to belt it out in big city fashion.  Carol and her husband Dan were suppose to be flown back for opening night....quite a treat for two who have never even been to New York.

Carol is still very grateful for this opportunity and hopeful the musical can be resurrected in the future!!

Local newspapers even got onto the bandwagon!  Click here to read the story.



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