Song: "With Love, My Faithful Friend"
(Song Length: 4:27)

  Written by Carol Mayberry-Sanchez

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It's so hard to say goodbye
Never understanding why
You're closer to heaven
Your years number seven to each one of mine
In the grass your ball lays idle
Haven't played for such a while
Your legs are moving slower
A decision's on my shoulders
What am I to do?
I can't stand to see you hurt
But I can't bear to be without.... welcome home each day
You.....the shadow by my leg
My heartbeat who warms my feet
You've made our house a home complete
With love, my faithful friend

I can see a different look
Your eyes are an open book
Forcing me to read now
The final chapter somehow
Making sense of it
Now the day I prayed would never come
The hardest test of love must now be done
To give you wings to go home
You won't have to be alone
A part of me goes too
Through the tears that one last kiss
Assuring you that I'll be with... prayers I'll say each night
You....whose memories I'll hold tight
So close your eyes, my faithful friend
I'll be with you till the end
And I know we'll meet again
With love, my faithful friend